Individual work with adolescents and adults, couples therapy,
parental support, practical lectures and broadcasts
Work directions
With adolescents and adults
Pay attention to your condition:
  • You notice that you are constantly worried
  • Nothing pleases
  • It is not clear why all this
  • You have suffered an injury
  • You need to make a decision, make a choice in personal life or profession
  • Do you doubt yourself, feel tight or feel a relentless desire to control everything
  • It isn't easy to get out of a relationship
  • You're very tired
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Relationship therapy for couples
Including LGBTQIA+ couples
Short-term therapy aims to build healthy and emotionally close relationships that will support and inspire, restore emotional sensitivity and intimacy

Working in therapy is important if in the couple you:
  • do not hear each other
  • emotionally separated
  • quarrel over trifles
  • a lot of criticism and demands
  • relationships have become a source of resentment, reproach and frustration
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Based on the theory of attachment
What you may encounter:
  • The child is disobedient, aggressive or vice versa - closed, quiet, anxious
  • You shout at the child and then regret it. You think you have lost your authority
  • "He doesn't want anything" - the question of adolescence and motivation to study
  • Difficult situations your family is going through adaptation, moving, kindergarten/school, divorce, death of a loved one, the birth of a sibling
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Lectures and broadcasts
Speaker, author, coach
  • Open lectures, participation in talk shows, expert opinion for your team or audience
  • Training of specialists: psychologists, teachers, tutors
Potential topics:
  • "On the eternal": existential issues of meaning, freedom, responsibility and relationships
  • "Brain and ...": neurophysiological aspects of decision making, nutrition, love, sleep and stress
  • "Parents and children": adult relationships with parents, separation from adults
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Being a psychotherapist -
helping people to live a good life
● ukrainian certified psychologist since 2008;
● more than 1000 hours of additional education in therapy, neuropsychology, tutoring and career counselling;
● member of the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists (UUP);
● member of the Ukrainian Association of Neuropsychology (UANP);
● member of the Ukrainian Association of Emotionally Focused Therapy (UAEFT);
● participant of the psychotherapeutic training program on logotherapy and existential analysis A. Langle (GLE-International, Austria);
● participant of the psychotherapeutic training program "Psychotherapy based on the theory of attachment" (K. Beim, UK);
● methodologist of educational programs for children and teenagers;
● expert in international conferences, TV projects, author of articles
on professional topics
About me
My education
I study in International programms and have more than 1000 hours
of additional education in therapy, neuropsychology, tutoring
and career counseling
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Professional Training
2022 - present | Diploma of Leadership and Management
TAFE Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)

2001 - 2007 | Master's Degree in Psychology
Kyiv International University (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Graduated with Distinction
2021 - Emotionally focused therapy of couples | 28 hours
2021 - Practice of attachment-based psychotherapy | 40 hours
2020 - Career counseling: existential approach | 60 hours
2018 - Neuropsychological diagnosis in childhood | 100 hours
2018 - Existential analysis and logotherapy | 400 + hours
2017 - Conflict management | 96 hours
2016 - Empathy in psychological practice | 96 hours
My professional life in numbers
Hours of education
Years of experience
Professional consultations 
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Марина Вежис
Консультування. Навчання. Експертиза.
Телефон: +380 97 361 8664